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Morning alert student? Flexible extra job in a production department south of south!

Here you have your chance to jump on a flexible role in a production department. You will work closely with your colleagues, not least with other employees from Academic Work. We do not require you to have a long track record, but we are looking for you who are committed and who value team spirit!

Information about the assignment

Academic Work is looking for students who want to work part-time in a production department on behalf of our client. As a production staff, you assist during production and package the products together with the team. The assignment starts immediately and continues continuously. The work shifts are located between 07.15-16.15 on weekdays and evening shifts may occur. You are expected to work two shifts a week, but there are good opportunities to work more when needed.

This recruitment process is handled by Academic Work and the customer’s wishes are that all calls and emails about the service go to Academic Work. The assignment is part of our staffing. You will be employed by Academic Work and work as a consultant for the client.


Your day will begin with you being informed about which products to handle during your workout. After that, you and the team will participate in both the manufacture and packaging of the foods that are on today’s schedule. This means that you will largely work with your hands as a work tool, which is why we believe that this is something you look forward to in this role. In conclusion, your work will also involve quality documentation, good Swedish both written and oral is therefore important.

For example, you will:

  • Manufacture the products
  • Package manufactured products
  • Document the quality

The position is suitable for you as a student and is looking for extra work with a scope of at least 2 shifts a week in a flexible role that provides valuable work experience.

We are looking for you as

  • Speaks and writes fluently in Swedish
  • Studying at a rate of at least 50% at college or university
  • Can work at least 2 shifts a week

It is an advantage if you:

  • Managed production equipment and / or machines previously
  • We believe that you who apply are quick to learn and work hungry! You have great flexibility and do not hesitate to take an extra pass when you have the opportunity.


Start: Immediate

Scope: approx. 2-3 sessions / week continuously. Since the company works with production, you can expect that it is suddenly a great need and at times becomes calmer.

Salary: GFL

Location: South of South

This recruitment process is handled by Academic Work and the company’s wishes are that all calls and emails about the position go to Academic Work.

Search for the service by clicking on Apply below. We go through the selection on an ongoing basis and the ad can be shut down before the position is filled if we have moved on to the selection and interview phase.

We do not accept applications via email, but if you have specific questions about the service, these will be answered by email during office hours. Write the ad title in the title and feel free to copy the link to the ad in your email.

About us

Academic Work is Home of the young professionals. This means that most of our jobs are relevant for you who are studying at a college / university or for you who have finished your studies and are at the beginning of your career. With us, you can work as a consultant on behalf of one of our customers, be employed directly by a client company via our recruitment business or start working internally at one of our Academic Work offices. Read more at

As a part-time consultant at Academic Work, you become part of our consulting network and have a responsible consulting manager for each assignment who is available throughout your employment period. The consultant manager’s task is to ensure that you thrive in your workplace but also that you develop and we work actively to be able to help you further towards exciting services both during your studies and after your degree.


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